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tv   [untitled]    April 1, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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based on the mta's willful failure to enforce the existing laws. >> next speaker? >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm sarah short. for the record, i don't like to eat at denny's either. i'm a resident of valencia street in san francisco living for 16 years. i live where the shuttle buses roll by one after another. and 24/7 and there are indeed significant impacts of this pilot project. so to have the planning
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department and mta declare that there are none not only goes against my lived experience as a resident, but feels like a slap in the case considering the very clear reality of the rapid displacement occurring near the shuttle stops. i know a little bit about displacement too from my work at the housing rights for san francisco. the project which allows for the continuance of this illegal use of muni stop by these shuttles will continue the problem of the rampid displacement and you will hear from the anti-eviction mapping project about that. never mind my experience as a resident of the high traffic google bus zone. and never mind public sentiment which you will hear represented today and clearly hold the buses cause teacher's -- harm to our community. what we are here
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today talk about is the fair argument for the reasonable possibility that there are significant impacts. and we have provided -- >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> thank you. i'm a san francisco resident. my union represents non-public workers and i'm the organizer. san francisco is becoming a tail two of cities. this isn't a cultural war. this is a numbers war. the number on my paycheck is far less than the studio apartment. the workers
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that provide these services. over 160,000 san franciscans ride muni every single day. a healthy of wealth companies should not be allowed to come into our city for a fraction of the public rider ship and ask the rest of us to step aside. san francisco has worked hard to create public transit corridors. this allows public private corporation is infrastructure that created years with no study of the impacts for the public system itself. we demand that any study look at the impacts of the public transportation
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system as well as propose an an alternative for increasing the public transportation structure. lastly i think it's unbelievable that there has been a muni give away at the same time that muni is coming after our workers asking four # -- for our workers to pay into their health care to take wage freezes. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello. i'm with the harvey milk lgbt union, the city tells us this takes time. we
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neat to -- need to complete an eir. when we are working for working class, the city tells us this takes time. we need complete an eir. when it takes time to build bike lanes. the city tells us this takes time an we need an eir. now we are told that this would employee 200 muni stops and a vehicle that weighs over 31 tons. those of us in the community have come to expect and accept the it takes time answer to many of our most pressing concerns and we are frustrated to learn that this project time is suddenly not an issue. in issuing this categorical exemption in
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ceqa. a program that has so controversial subject to countless community protest -- ought to score the saechl -- same process. we are asking for fairness to go through same process that all department of transportation. >> good evening, i'm a resident of san francisco. i'm with the pissed off voters. i
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have to fight with these buses to get my daughter to school. they are almost running me over and take our lives. i have seen a family of bikers to almost get hit by these buses. i would like you to get to my neighborhood in the morning and see me try get my daughter to school with the buses. muni comes and we have to wait. yes, i'm pissed off. they need their own stops. i'm in a residential neighborhood and it is dangerous for me and my family and this community. >> if i can remind the folks that we have a rule to not express support or opposition
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to statements and please direct your comments to the entire board. that is another rule that we do not direct comments to individual is supervisors. i ask you to respect that. >> good afternoon, supervisors, my name is darren anomaly and i represent the non-profit workers. i have a few things to say about this issue. my job is right off guerrero but i have to pass by valencia and when i pass these google shuttles they cause a lot of congestion in the morning when people are trying to get to work and they can't because the buses are in the way. i have seen people riding their bikes almost get hit by these buses and i have seen pedestrians crossing the
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street and being literally blind to traffic because these monstrous buses are so big. that's a major concern. i'm also concerned with the fact that this pilot program, what does that mean, how long is this supposed to go on as pilot, when is it supposed to be something legitimate happening. i was born and raised in san francisco and now i live in the peninsula and eye -- i have to commute 60 miles a day. i would love to live here but i can't afford it. i think they need to pay their fair share. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon, executive director of the housing
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alliance in san francisco. a couple years ago i begged you all to do a study of the job housing nexus before the tax give away. i told you what out of pandera's box it was going to leash and that is lack of planning. you have to understand that it's the poor people of working class that suffer from the board of supervisors. i have a 63-year-old african american who was able to supplement his income with a little benefit. a tech company came in and closed that locally owned business down and he's lost his job. he's packing from his hotel right now moving in the rain on the bus. he's moving into a shelter. he's got
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nothing going on. that's what happens when you make bad decisions. also i'm concerned about the creeping jim crow that is in filtrating our city that if you are a mostly white tech worker, you get to go in. but if you are of color you have to go to the back of the bus. you are displaying now the by your words but your outcome. i ask you to judge me by the outcomes. please respect us enough to have your words and action match. if you are care about displacement and care about poor people, then you need to act like it and the lady that does
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protest too much. >> hello supervisors. i'm struggling with the impact of the 2 dozens private shuttles and ignored by the mta concerning those impacts and from the environmental review. 2 years ago the mta gave itself an exemption for the 500 parking meetings and this was a pilot program. we challenged that and within 2 days after filing the challenge, the mta rescinded the program and apologized to the neighborhood sand we -- saying we won't do that again. when eir exemption are
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challenged in court. you need to be mindful of that. second, the argument that you need this pilot program to study the effects of these existing shuttle buses is really just about 100 percent backward. that's what an eir does. this isn't a ground for your study. that is the data that you have for studying the effects to date. that's important because you have multiple studies of the current shuttles. the muni partners program has been studied. you have plenty of data, you have plenty of impacts on it. you don't need something new. that i say dodge to legalize the current program through the backdoor
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and avoid compliance with the law and have companies not pay their fair share. >> supervisor campos has a question. >>supervisor david campos: i know you live in potrero hill. can you talk about the impact that you have seen? >> sure. aside from displacement of the rent increases which contraband -- corroborates the data there is also using the entire neighborhood as a parking lot. it's not just the buses going outside the city, it's the interest of these shuttles and the pilot would make these shuttle trips. so we have a huge amount of commuters using the parking lot and onto those shuttles going to their
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workplace. that has multiple impacts in the neighborhood. >> thank you. next speaker. >> i'm a registered public health nurse. i personally have no problems with tech workers. they are not my enemies. but i do have a problem with the arrogance of the technology companies who have captured our bus stops. it's not ignorance of tas law. it's arrogance. i ride these buses and packed behind the googles bus. when mayor lee was talking about cuts to the city, there will be cuts to
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services in this city and when you have tech companies not paying their fair share, it is not right. why did they get a categorical ceqa exemption after they violated the law. this mayor has made deal after deal. if it isn't a yacht race it's a bus. it's wrong. the basic needs of our families are being considered. you are making cuts to health care for city workers and cuts to programs for the poorest families in these cities and these tech people stroll in and out like they are royalty and i'm sick of it. >> i'm john. i'm a native born in san francisco. been here my whole life. the problem is not about the google buses. it's about google itself. the guy
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never said about the google buses that come here taking the kids to field trips to museums and library. you have 20 buses. some of them just clutter the bus stops. you have the arts buses, you have tanker trucks up and down the streets. they never mention that. it's not about the google bus. it's about google itself. when they rejected the application, they have rejected it. you have to adapt and adjust. like when the lgbt comes in. you have to learn to live with them and get along. 2014 is becoming a disgrace. you have to learn to adapt. that's all i can tell you. >> thank you. i just want to
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say that if you are all democrats remember at the last convention when they voted to -- for ceqa. this morning coming down i saw seven buses. there was 40 people packed. we kept getting backed up and this happens consistently. i would hope that you conduct an eir. a lot of this data, was not just facts but assumed statistics. if you have taken a math class like harvard and state you know that statistics can be made up to manipulate your own agenda. what happened with one of our former
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supervisors senator yee. i hope you have not taken compensation for transportation. who knows, fbi might be looking through your records too. thank you very much. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm a member of the league of the pissed off voter. i reside on haight. today i must say that i have never been happier because i saw the most transparently biased line of questioning in my life from district 8 supervisor. every time that the lawyer for the appellant successfully answered questions he continue to fish down his road of hypotheticals. this is a time
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to ask hard questions and instead of doing public granting to engage someone with hypotheticals is embarrassing. we don't hate tech workers. we think someone like googles can't afford to pay for their fare share for use. we are saying tech workers, you are our brothers and sisters. we are fine with you. we think it's great. we want you to participate in this city, we want you to be a good neighbor, we want you to pay your fair share. if there is anybody in the world who shouldn't be able to avoid paying what they woah -- owe is a company like google. we have a supervisor icing
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using the most inflammatory language. that is divisive and hurts. i'm just very very happy that i'm in london breed's district. thank you. >> good evening. michael's. native san franciscan. i'm not going to repeat what you heard already. just some bullet points so you can get to dinner a little bit quicker. handshake agreement. no. that's why we are here. no handshake agreement. that lead to good or bad intention. $1 or $2 per bus. that doesn't add up if you are a common citizen. we have to pay $2 for every stop we get on. they pay $2 for every stop they stop at. i have no problem with
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the tech workers with whatever company. they are really good people. what you can learn from is a company like sales corp that does contribute to the community. another point i would like to make is congestion. i live near van ness and market. that is a heavy thoroughfare and you are not going to make it to american hustle. some streets are not meant for buses to be on. they are too narrow. i have read about accidents. they are not meant for these tourist size buses. that's why we do eir reports. we need to not have buses where they can cause accidents and where people can get hurt. hey, if
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the ballpark, the new terminal, the central subway have to gone an eir, why shouldn't these companies? in closing they need their own designated stops that are safe and eir approved. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is scott warl. i'm a tech programmer. they are trying to get people out here and they say devices, people are trying to stop our wonderful environmental program. what i have no one to being devices is one of the
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supervisor's here. i don't send any animus to workers. i think tech workers are fine. i'm here in part to talk to if there are tech workers here to try to stop this appeal to ask you to reconsider. this has been build as green as one of my big issues is climate change. i want to see fewer cars driven and less emission. we have to consider they are not going to affect. if they are working in the city and now living in san pablo or antioch and they have to commute that is going to be additional emissions. you have an actual eir and not have some mrit -- politicals in the room. that's why we are asking for a real analysis. i
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would like to point out for the workers and everybody else is the problem is the company and the way it's under folding and it's really hard for us to handle. remember google and other tech companies pay 2.5 percent in profits and there is in san jose right now. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> good evening, supervisors. dean preston. near -- square. this absolutely requires an eir and thanks to all the community that is out here and believes in one fundamental
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that there should be one set of laws that applies to all of us. if one of you in the board of supervisors form our own company and we decide to make thousands of illegal stops in bus stops in the city, our business would last about a day. part of pro be would be me making that kind of decision. part of the problem is the enforcement arm of our city and do not let this argument persuade you because the enforcement arm of this city has failed to do it's job on this issue and given away public space for private use that somehow that changes the baseline that you should consider for whether and eir is required. that is on offensive argument and they should do this job and enforce this law rather than put it on you and accept their tolerance on our city. i would invite you to have coffee on my
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corner on steiner. we can watch the buses and see who is winning. i will buy the coffee and tell you that folks like myself are forced to walk around muni. the idea that this does not require environmental review. is laughable. i urge you to vote in favor of this appeal. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello, my name is melissa gordon. i urge the board of supervisors to conduct an eir. i'm also a district 5 resident. i became an advocate for muni when i was 11 years old and i received my first pass to commute to school. i understand the intent of these shuttles. it's supposed to help with carpooling and eliminating potential leaving
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cars on the streets but it should better fit into the the urban landscape. smaller shuttles to the streets. they rely on infrastructure. services overall being cut. and these over sized shuttles in neighborhood streets are glutinous and inconsiderate. i attended a budget meeting and they announced that google was going to fund $6 million for 2 years. it's pretty affordable. why couldn't it have been 20. a lot of people are asking these companies to be creative. los angeles is regional, and they have movies. but why can't we get a little bit more creative. muni projects have been --
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shelved because of lack of funding. >> hi. my name is michael red mond. i ride muni and it gets clogged up and i don't have much to say. i think that they should be either stopped or made to pay their fair share for using the bus stops and clogging everybody up. >> good evening. my name is
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ingram and i'm a disabled resident. when shuttles share muni bus stops, people who need to use the functions on the buses are not able to use the buses at all because the shuttles block the muni stops and the muni buses have to go out in the street and only the able bodied people are are allowed to get on. another area where the streets are wider, when you have people lining up you have people lining up for muni buses and lining up for shuttles there is no way to get through. at times i have had to use the street to get by on the sidewalk. i think